2015 Scholars, Apply for a Mollohan Internship today!


The internship program was started during the summer of 2001 to encourage students to stay in or return to West Virginia after college graduation. The internship program was developed to enrich the student's educational experience by providing them with work experience in the field of study they wish to pursue. The internships provide opportunities for students to learn what types of jobs are available in West Virginia and how the different companies could potentially be related to their field of study. The program is supported by local and statewide companies. Many of the internships are provided by the high technology companies located in the I-79 Technology Park. Every scholarship winner is eligible to apply for a summer internship, however positions may be limited in specific fields and areas of the State. For more information on the internship program please contact the Foundation.

If interested in becoming a charter member of the technology internship program of the Robert H. Mollohan Family Charitable Foundation, Inc., please select the Request an Intern button and fill out the form.