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Carl R. Morris Memorial Scholarship

What is this scholarship for?

The late Carl Morris was a man who believed in his community and in education. To honor his dedication to both, his family has established the Carl R. Morris Memorial Scholarship. Carl Morris was born and reared in Calhoun County and graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science degree in geology and a minor in mathematics. A World War II veteran, he worked in the oil and gas industry, owned the Calhoun Chronicle, and was the first real estate broker in Calhoun County. Morris and his wife, Helen, were the parents of seven children and 16 grandchildren. Mrs. Morris continues to enjoy spending time with her family as they attempt to honor Carl. The Mollohan Foundation and the family of Carl Morris are pleased to offer the Carl R. Morris Memorial Scholarship to support the perpetuation of the values that West Virginia gave to Carl and that he returned unsullied, values that he lived by and died by, to keep and pass on to future generations.

What are the requirements?

Applicant must emulate Mr. Morris’ commitment to community and education. Applicant must also be enrolled, or planning to enroll, at Alderson-Broaddus College, Glenville State or West Virginia University. Applicant must have at least a 3.0 GPA and demonstrate financial need.

What will I receive if I am rewarded this scholarship?

Recipients of the Carl. R. Morris Memorial Scholarship will receive an initial $1,000 scholarship that will be made payable directly to the student’s college in the 2016 Fall Semester. Scholarship recipients may also be eligible to apply for a student loan that could be partially or fully forgiven if the student decides to work in West Virginia for a specific numbers of years after college graduation. Scholarship recipients will be notified if they are eligible for loan opportunities.

How can I apply?

Apply by clicking the link below, printing the form, filling out the information, and mailing it into our office: 1000 Technology Drive, Suite 2000, Fairmont, WV 26554.

Students applying must also:

  • Mail in a typed resume.
  • Mail in a Letter of Intent that addresses your financial need.
  • Mail in a copy of your FAFSA, or other supporting documentation, demonstrating your financial need.
  • Mail in an essay that describes why you have chosen to pursue a college degree, including influences on your  decision as well as any relevant work/volunteer experience. Essay is no longer than two pages, double spaced.
  • Mail in official transcript(s) from all schools – high schools and colleges – attended. Transcript(s) must include SAT or ACT scores, and must be sent in an envelope with an official seal or the guidance counselor/registrar’s signature written across the seal of the envelope.
  • Mail in two evaluation forms. One evaluation form must be from a teacher. Printable evaluation forms may be found on the Scholarship homepage. Both evaluation forms must be in separate envelopes with the recommender’s signature written across the seal of the envelope.
  • Mail in a copy of your acceptance letter from Alderson-Broaddus, Glenville State College, or West Virginia University.

How will I know if I received the scholarship?

You will get a letter in the mail confirming whether you have or have not received the scholarship before the end of the 2016 Spring Semester.


Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The 2016 Scholarship Season is now over. 

Check back next fall for details on the 2017 Scholarship Season.